Letter Bracelet

Wear your favorite letter on your wrist!

  • Care Instructions

    Please handle with care. Do not forcefully pull the bracelet.


    Wire written letter is aluminum wire, which does not rust regardless of sweat or water.


    Bracelet lace is suede leather. It will be softer and fuzzier if used frequently and if it gets wet frequently by water or sweat. The wires wrapping at its end are aluminum wire.

  • How to Wear and Size Specifications

    Our bracelets are adjustable according to your wrist size and to how tight you want them to wear.


    Here's how to use them:

    1. Insert lace to the loop at the right side of the letter.

    2. Pull the lace until it fits your wrist.

    3. Tie a knot.

    4. Wrap around the lace.


    Standard lace length in all bracelets is 10 inches. We can only customize lace length if you feel you need more length. Otherwise, our bracelets fits any wrist size. 

Letter Color
Bracelet Lace Color