Wine Glass Tag

For you, your girls, and your guests on your special day. Cheers!



1. Up to nine (9) letters only

2. Two-dimensional shape

3. Flourish or heart-shape for finish

  • Care Instructions and Product Specifications

    Please handle with care.


    Wine Glass Tag is made of aluminum wire, which doesn't rust. 


    This piece is still soft, and will still be broken if forcefully pulled and thrown. We only recommend this to be used for display. 

  • On Font Style Design

    Our main font is cursive, based on the handwriting of our lead maker. This means that the way we write on wire is fixed and cannot be improvised. Kindly browse our photos on our Instagram account to have an idea on how our cursive design.


    We cannot accommodate requests to change the design of our cursive font style as this will cause delays in production - especially this Christmas season. We hope you understand.


    We will, however, accept requests if you wish us to write them in printed font style. Please inform us by adding a note before checking out your order. We won't be accepting requests for changing/adding any designs once production starts, and especially once your name/word has been written on wire.

Wire Color