Letter Bookmark

Minimalistic bookmark with a splash of color!


Be it the first letter of your name, your loved one or your crush (!!!), choose your favorite letter and match it to your favorite color.

  • Care Instructions and Product Specifications

    Bookmark is made of aluminum wire, which doesn't rust. 


    Attached trinket is metal, which may tarnish overtime. Please avoid contact to water. 


    This piece is recommended to be used as a bookmark only or for display.

  • How to Use the Bookmark

    Hook the bookmark's arc to the spine of the book. The letter should be kept inside the pages. The trinket should be seen dangling on the book spine.

  • Chipstone Trinket Design

    Our collection of chipstones are one-of-a-kind. There may be small to big ones, flat to thick ones.


    Our standard chipstone trinket combination is a white chipstone and one colored chipstone. As of now, we are not accepting customization of chipstone combination.


Letter Color
Chipstone Color