Frequently Asked Questions

Before proceeding to order, please read our policies. Payment of your order means that you have read, understood and accept them.
Ordering Process
  1. Check our catalog of products on our webshop – – browse and click on the photos of items you would like to purchase.

  2. Click “Add to Cart”.

  3. View your cart by clicking on the “Cart” icon.

  4. When you are ready to complete your order, you can choose:
            a) “Checkout” if you want to pay in cash.
     We accept over-the-counter bank deposits and online fund transfers. Minimal charges will apply for BDO over-the-counter deposits made outside Metro Manila, and for BPI online transfers. Full payment is required to prevent production delays - especially this Christmas season. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours for payment confirmation.
            b) “Check out with PayPal” if you want to pay through credit card, debit card or through your PayPal account. Please note that additional charges will apply. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay online using your card. It might take 1 to 5 business days to confirm your payment

  5. Fill in fields with your shipping details. Please avoid typos and errors as this may cause delays in delivery or lost packages.

  6. Choose which method you wish to receive your order.
            a)    Standard Shipping
                  • Tracking number will be provided upon shipment.
                  • Metro Manila deliveries may take 2 to 3 working days.
                  • Provincial deliveries may take 3 to 5 working days.
                  • Courier for local deliveries is ABest Express.
            b)    Same-day Delivery (for Metro Manila addresses only) 
                  • Please settle the full amount first before we prepare and ship your order.
                  • We don’t do cash-on-delivery.
                  • Once we confirm your payment, we will keep in touch with you on details about booking the delivery thru Grab.
                  • You will shoulder the delivery fee.
            c)    Pickup at our studio
                  • Full payment is required before pick up so we can secure your order.
                  • Please bring a valid ID and your order number upon pickup.
                  • If someone not you is picking up the order, please let us know right away. Kindly ask them to bring a valid ID and your order number for verification.


  7. Review your order before completing your purchase.

  8. Complete your order by clicking “Place Order”.

  9. Wait for the Automated E-mail Order Confirmation containing your order and the payment details.

  10. Kindly settle the full amount within two (2) business days (Monday to Friday, GMT +08:00 Asia/Manila).
             • Charges may apply for PayPal transactions.
             • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
             • You can settle your payment anytime before November 29, 2019. Payments after that will be produced and shipped next year, January 2020.


  11. Please send us a clear photo of your deposit/fund transfer by replying to the Confirmation Email or sending us a message on Facebook/Instagram.

  12. Please wait for our response for payment confirmation. We will provide you the estimated production finish date.
            • Lead time for production depends on the number of orders who paid earlier than yours. Orders are on a 'first paid, first served' basis.
             • We don't work on Sundays and Mondays. This means, no production and shipment on these days (unless deemed necessary).
             • We will keep in touch with you on updates about your orders.


  13. Photos of finished pieces will be sent once done. We'll wait for your go-signal for shipment. If we don't receive a response after 2 business days, we will initiate to ship them.

Do you accept international orders?

As of now, not yet. We're working on it! Stay tuned!


Can I cancel my order and refund my payment?

We don’t accept cancellation of paid orders. All payments are non-refundable.


I don’t like what I ordered. Can I return it and get an exchange?

We don’t allow returns and exchanges of our pieces. We trust that you, our customer, are intentional on your purchase and that you are aware of your role and responsibility to make our online transaction to each other successful.


My order is damaged. Can I get a replacement?

We don’t offer replacements on broken pieces due to misuse and accidents.


Before we ship out the pieces you ordered, we make sure that they are packed and secured before delivery. We will also provide photos of the pieces before you confirm shipping. We have also chosen a reliable courier that we trust to deliver your order safely.


We trust that you have read the FAQs on taking care of the wire-written pieces. Since they are made of aluminum wire, they are not highly maintained – unlike silver and gold accessories. With great care, your wire written piece will definitely last for a long time.


We rarely consider replacement if it’s due to a circumstance that the courier has damaged or misplaced the shipment. Please message us right away for shipment mishandling problems within 24 hours from the time that you received your package.

Product Care and Craftsmanship

What kind of wire are you using?

All our products are made of aluminum wire, with a mix of different types of material depends on the product design. Specific product specifications are indicated in the product page on our Online Shop.

Aluminum wire never rusts. Its default color is silver. Colored wires are coated, which may lighten and may be prone to scratches due to friction and usage (i.e. bagtags and bracelets).


Can the wire products still be bent?

Our products are manually hardened before they are shipped out. This is to prevent from breaking due to accidental drops. However, they are still not immune to forceful actions – such as bending. Please do not intentionally bend the wire.


How do I take care of my products?

To prevent breakage, please use your wire written pieces as how they should be. Please keep your bookmarks in a book, wear your bracelets on your wrists and not engage in strenuous activities, and cling your bagtag to zippers of bags or pouches. Specific instructions are indicated in Product Page of our webshop.

I want to modify the design of the letter of a specific wire written word.

Our main font is cursive, based on the handwriting of our resident wire writer. This means that the way we write on wire is fixed and cannot be improvised. Kindly browse our photos on our Instagram account to have an idea on what our cursive design look like.

We cannot accommodate requests to change the design of our cursive font style as this will cause delays in production - especially this Christmas season. We hope you understand.

We will, however, accept requests if you wish us to write them in printed font style. Please inform us by adding a note before checking out your order. We won't be accepting requests for changing/adding any designs once production starts, and especially once your name/word has been written on wire.


Artisanal Craftsmanship

All of our pieces have gone through, shaped and assembled by our hands. This handmade nature of our products is the reason why imperfections are present here and there. We’re hoping that you understand this as your purchase from us. We greatly appreciate your support!


Can I resell your products?

No. We prefer to directly sell and communicate with our customers to be consistent with our brand personality. This said, we have not acknowledged anyone to resell our products and services – except our partner stores.


Can I order personalized bookmarks and bag tags from you?

Yes! You can view our catalog and rates here -


I want to order 200 pieces, but it’s too expensive for our budget. Can you offer it half the price? I will promote your business to all of my guests! I’m a sure buyer!

As much as we value your appreciation of our products, please understand that all pieces are done by hand by people who make a living from wire-written pieces. Making 10 or more than 50 pieces is not easy labor, regardless of length or the simplicity of the design. We are confident that the prices we offer equates to the quality of the craftsmanship we pour to our wire pieces.

Privacy Policy

We greatly value your privacy. We will never disclose and/or sell the information that you have provided to us online to any third party organizations and institutions not related to the completion of your purchase. We will not spam or use your information for defame or stalk you.