Paper Pliers is a local craft brand that specializes in wire written products
What does wire written and wire writing mean?
Wire writing is a series of techniques where wire is shaped into letters. While there are many design possibilities that we can make on wire, we have chosen to continuously learn and master wire writing.
Each piece is carefully made, assembled, and packed by our hands. We are committed to produce well-made wire written pieces.
When you buy a Paper Pliers product, you are supporting our hands and our livelihood. You are also joining us on our celebration of Filipino artisanal talent and fair labor. 
Our works are proudly handmade in The Philippines.
Anrea Sahagun started wire writing in 2014. In the same year, she published Paper Pliers’ Facebook and Instagram pages to open an online shop. She manages all operations, production, and marketing of the brand. She still writes on wire.